Persuasive Topics For ‘A’ Grade Essays

There are many aspects that come into play in the process of writing an A grade persuasive essay. Persuasive and argumentative essays are almost the same since they entail logical thinking and reasoning, ensuring you can prove a point over the other. These essays teach and encourage readers to understand certain subjects from a particular perspective and viewpoint, enabling them to take action.

While crafting persuasive essays, students should start by choosing the best persuasive essay topics. That shouldn’t be all. You’ve to write your essay such that it gives any local explanations, convincing facts, quotes, and examples. These are some topics you can use while writing your persuasive essays.

  1. Summer classes and its benefits and disadvantages
  2. Should school computers have internet filters?
  3. Should there be severe punishments for school bullies?
  4. Can Violent games make children violent?
  5. Is it true the internet was invented to control us?
  6. Are men always smarter than women?
  7. Is consuming tea riskier to your life than coffee?
  8. Is it necessary for students to assess their teachers?
  9. According to your understanding, who influences the behaviors showcased by different teenagers?
  10. How the death penalty in the United States socially affects the masses?
  11. Reasons teenager girls are affected by celebrities
  12. The disadvantages and advantages of cellphones in academic uses
  13. Is time travel realizable?
  14. Are vampires real or fiction?
  15. Do computers really make us smarter?
  16. The effects of feminism movement on motherhood
  17. There should be an age gap in the kind of students different teachers can teach
  18. Does wrestling have any dehumanizing factor?
  19. There should be stricter penalties to those caught driving when drunk
  20. Is it logical for women to earn more than their husbands?
  21. Why have standardized tests in school students increased?
  22. Should pornography in the United States be banned?
  23. Should teachers pass through professional tests just like learners?
  24. The importance of a child growing with their both parents
  25. Should churches pay property taxes to be used in supporting schools?
  26. There is a need to ban social media in school premises?
  27. Is it worth it to get a college degree?
  28. Is it necessary to award students with good attendance records?
  29. Can making education free lower rates of poverty?
  30. Should zoo animals be used for food?
  31. Should use punishments or rewards to train a dog?
  32. Does lack of education lead to animal abuse?
  33. Is it ethical to use animal skin in making bags and coats?
  34. Should cows be given drugs to enable them to produce more milk?
  35. The best way to look busy while doing nothing at work
  36.  Should we blame horoscopes for the things that have gone wrong in our lives?
  37. Which is the worst social networking website?
  38. Which is the worst movie to watch in the world

What you can or cannot do when choosing persuasive essay topics

When writing persuasive essays, there are things you can do and others you can’t. You should not be emotionally-attached or play too complicated. You must select a good topic with an edge, and outline every idea, fact, and evidence before you start writing.