The five senses of smell, sight, touch, taste, and sound should be aroused in the minds of every reader that reads a descriptive essay. This should be the goal of every writer that wants to make an impression of the essay. 

We shall be looking at the seven steps that are necessary to bring out the spark in a descriptive essay. Enjoy.

  • Your topic

The idea is to display an ability to show and not to tell your reader. Your essay should be on a single event; place or person. The organization of the paragraphs should be smooth. Start from the general before moving on to the specifics, or simply buy descriptive essay online if you don’t like writing essays.

  • The anchor statement

You are expected to create a thesis statement that will be the anchor of the essay. Every paragraph up to the concluding paragraph will be based on the idea that was set out in the thesis statement. This is where you are to get the attention of the readers in the introductory paragraph.

The way you handle the thesis statement will determine the interest the reader will have in your paper. They will either read through to the last word or consign your paper to the trash bin.

  • Be organized

Create five columns on a sheet of paper that contains a list of the five senses above. Your essay must appeal to these areas; it would help the organization of your work if you can brainstorm on your thesis statement and fix in all the five senses that we have earlier talked about. 

Fill the columns with interesting details that you hope to include in the paragraphs of your essay. These should be thought-provoking points that will send the message home to your readers. A topic sentence should begin each paragraph.

  • Your Outline

You need to create an outline that will detail what you will discuss in each of the paragraphs that will be included in the body of your essay. The body paragraphs should be about three and each of the paragraphs is expected to discuss a particular point as stated in the introduction paragraph.

  • Conclusions

Every student is expected to finish strongly. You are expected to state the importance and usefulness of your essay to the readers. It should not be a repeat of what you have written earlier but rather a concise summary of your thought processes.

  • Review

Students are expected to devote some time to review their work. This is necessary to remove all grammatical errors that will lead to low grades. Give yourself space after concluding the paper and come back to it to proofread. You can give it to someone close to you to proofread or make use of online software.

Read it again after the proofreading and review process to make assurance doubly sure that all is well. You can then turn in your essay for submission with the hope of getting the higher grades that will impact on your final results.

Final thoughts

The steps above outline an hour to go about writing the reflective essay.

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