When it comes to writing a health essay, the topic has to be something that instantly grabs the reader’s attention. It does not matter what your subject or topic is, as long as it is interesting and makes you think about something new. 

This article will outline 25 good health topics to write aboutThese are topics that are compelling, informative, and engaging. 

What is health essay?

This type of essay talks about the condition of the human body. It can be directed from three different angles: mental, physical, and social fitness. A healthcare essay is important as it contains valuable information which can reduce the risk of acquiring certain diseases and ailments.

Topics in essay about health

As earlier stated, there are various angles to talk about when it comes to healthcare. Whether you want a good title for mental health essayor you just want a topic about general health, below are 25 topic ideas you should consider.

Good essay topics about health

  1. Examining the relationship between retirement and health: While aging and retiring can be exciting times for many people, they also come with some challenges. As people age, they become less active physically and mentally due to health-related issues. Highlighting the relationship between retirement and health is an interesting health topic essay.
  2. Effects of fast food on our health: Your essay can be centered around the dangers of fast food – Fast food contains high levels of fat, salt, and sugar that make it very injurious to our health. It is linked to obesity, heart disease, diabetes, and other diseases.
  3. The role of nutrition in good health: Nutrition is the study of food and its effect on health. It is important to remember that nutrition is not just about eating the right foods at the right time, but also about how much you eat.
  4. External and internal factors that affect health: When it comes to good health, several factors play into our bodies ability to function properly: genetics, environment (including social status), exercise, and sleep habits. All these things contribute toward your overall wellness—the total of these factors will determine whether or not you can achieve optimal health status in any given situation.
  5. The effects of climate change on human health: highlight how climate change affects human health through the increased frequency of heat waves, droughts, and floods. 

Other health topics to write about

  1. Obesity as a childhood disease: Obesity is a disease that affects the body and can lead to other diseases in the future. Highlight the main symptoms of obesity, and possible prevention and cure.
  2. Benefits of using herbal medicine: Herbal medicine is a good alternative to modern medicine. Explain the uses of herbal medicine in our days. Eg: treatment of chronic conditions like asthma and arthritis; treatment of acute conditions like burns or wounds; treatment of infectious diseases like influenza, chicken pox, and measles.
  3. Sleep deprivation as a health concern: Sleep deprivation is a major health concern, and it can lead to numerous problems. This is a good essay on healthcare.

Mental health essay topics

Mental health is important in all areas of life and affects productivity, work performance, and relationships. Mental illness can affect your ability to work, study or even enjoy a hobby. It also means that you may not be able to complete tasks as quickly or efficiently as someone who does not have mental health issues.

  1. The effect of bullying on mental health?
  2. The relationship between insomnia and mental health
  3. Evaluating multiple suicide prevention techniques

Other interesting health essay topics

  1. Dieting vs. exercising for weight loss
  2. Treatment of heart diseases through vegan dieting
  3. Effect of peer pressure on eating disorders?
  4. Prevention of Alzheimer’s disease.
  5. Health benefits of intermittent fasting
  6. Importance of maintaining proper oral hygiene
  7. Dangers of a sedentary lifestyle
  8. Importance of vaccination in children
  9. Sleep deprivation: the consequences of electronic devices
  10. Effect of poor medical insurance 
  11. Should marijuana be used for medicinal purposes?
  12. Should teenagers have access to birth control without their parent’s consent?
  13. Impact of colonoscopy screenings on colon cancer rates?
  14. Behavioral interventions in childhood


There are many more topics to choose from, and it will be hard to decide what should be your next essay topic. However, the above suggestions should help guide you in choosing the right topic.

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